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Concord Package units are one of the  lines I install  that offer good value for your money
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Is your heating/cooling system getting old? Factors like poor installation and old windows could be costing you!  Regular maintenance is the key to keep and furnace working for years. If you suffer headaches call for  a  CO inspection.  If you suspect you have a gas leak or for complete trouble shooting, call an expert.. Call hvac guy offering services to Findlay, Bluffton and Rawson areas . 

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If you Smell gas call the gas company 1st. We perform Gas line inspection/ repairs,
*Plumbing  * Heating      *Air conditioning services.  
I strive to help people enjoy their homes and family.   

                   Had your dryer vent cleaned lately? Save energy. 

Established 2010. My goal is provide each customer with quality  service in a timely manner.  I strive to apply the principles of good stewardship and that everything that we accomplish is done to allow us to be at a service to others.
It is my pleasure to offer you 30 years of experience- Service Gaurantee...I   use my knowledge to remedy your situation in a timely manner.  Within 30 days you will know if the job will hold up.
Get  my book "House and Home".  The book discusses every part of your home...from electrical outlets to the chimney bricks and HVAC systems and many ways to save money doing it yourself.  
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