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Air Duct Cleaning works! 

Step 1. Realize your need of clean indoor air.  What are you breathing that you can't see? Germ and toxins are not visible to the naked eye.  Dust is not dangerous but it does aggreavate people who are sensitive to allergic reactions. Dust Buildup causes Air Restrictions! You will need a tech if your furnace overheats from too much dirt!

Air duct cleaning removes the build-up from the entire system greatly improving the performance of your hvac system. This reduces the potential for air born toxins to aggravate the symptoms of COPD, ASTHMA, and ALLERGIES.    
inside a dirty air duct.  They called the HVAC guy for air duct cleaning 
We suggest fogging for total peace of mind.
After we clean all the openings in your house and fog the system,  our customers tell me they can feel the difference right away. 
Step 2. The Rotobrush goes to work.
Low side of guage showing inside of hvac systemThe Rotobrush system is rolled into your home on a special cart.  Once in the house, we turn off the system and remove all the vent covers- inspecting them for damage and for dirt.   The dirt and dust we vacuum out of the system is self contained in our HEPA filter bags inside the unit.   Pet odors get trapped in the carpets and floor, but pet hair can be anywhere in the duct.

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