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We carry a air quality products that help your customers feel better. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call for more information on products, current promotions and services.

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You may be suffering from Sick building syndrome. 
REME HALO brochure.  hvac system upgrade that kills germs in your home and removed foul odors too

 Solutions for Sick building syndrome is a Remi Halo installed by the HVAC guyFindlay, Lima, Ohio hvac guy offers Remi Halo ... here's what is does

Humidifiers/ electronically controlled
hvac humidifier solves problem with dry air in your houseApril Air helps keep your skin, scalp and hands from itching due to flaky skin.

Office building air duct cleaning reduces symptoms of DBS

Roto Brush at work in Bowling Green Ohio Cooper Tire.  Rid DBS todayIndustrial vent cleaning

Cooper Tire in Bowling Green, Ohio 

Envirocon is chemical used to kill the pest that live inside your air ducts
         Environmentally safe way to kill odor causing pest
         that live inside air ducts passages.


Odor Remover
Odor Remover
This is an enzyme that eat odors. Water activated.
                                                       DAVE "THE WAVE" UNIT
    In it's infant stages and somewhat rustic in nature, we are
      building these WAVE units from scratch ordering the                                                        parts and building them to my customers                                                                    specifications.  Whether your basement is 200 sq.                                                      feet or 2000 sq. ft.  I can build a unit or multiple                                                          units to accommodate your needs for a dry basement.
Selling Dave's " Wave" units,  to remove humidity.

This is the Dave's rustic wave unit remove unwanted moisture from any basement or room

 WAVE UNiT     

    We will paint them or stain them whatever color you like.  Order one and within hours you'll feel the difference!  Shipped within a week from your order.
$299 each.  Save 
10% on multiple orders.
Size 22
inches by 13 inches by 5.5 inches

Remi HALO used technology to produce ions

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